5 Call of Cthulhu scenarios for new Keepers

Running a game in the world of Call of Cthulhu can be challenging. Especially when it comes to creating the right atmosphere that defines this genre. For new Keepers, starting with shorter scenarios can be a wise strategy. These more compact adventures allow for easier management of the game’s pacing and mood, crucial elements in Call of Cthulhu. Each of the scenarios we’ll explore is not only well-written but also relatively isolated. This isolation simplifies the Keeper’s task. It allows to focus on the narrative and reduces the complexity of the scenario. These adventures serve as excellent introductions, offering a taste of the game’s potential. Although they remain manageable and engaging for those new to the role of Keeper.


“Necropolis” stands out as a quintessential choice for beginner Keepers in Call of Cthulhu. This adventure, with its closed, dungeon-crawling nature, offers a focused and controlled environment that is ideal for honing storytelling and pacing skills. Set in an ancient, isolated tomb, it provides a classic horror experience where players delve deep into the secrets of the past. The confined setting of “Necropolis” allows Keepers to create an intensely atmospheric experience, filled with suspense and foreboding. It’s a perfect scenario to practice managing tension and guiding players through a series of intricate puzzles and encounters.

Servants of the Lake

This adventure uniquely blends the eerie calm of a lakeside setting with an underlying, sinister mystery. Players investigate a mysterious disappearance around a seemingly tranquil lake, only to uncover dark and unexpected truths. ‘Servants of the Lake’ introduces a range of distinct NPCs, from secretive locals to enigmatic figures, each adding depth to the story. These characters provide new Keepers with an excellent opportunity to practice role-playing diverse personalities and motives. The scenario is particularly effective for those looking to enhance atmosphere building and suspense. It offers numerous chances to delve into themes of paranoia and tension, all within a compact and manageable narrative.

The Lightless Beacon

“The Lightless Beacon” is a notable adventure for new Keepers in Call of Cthulhu, and it comes with the added advantage of being free. This scenario is set on a desolate, storm-battered island, where players investigate a mysteriously extinguished lighthouse. The setting creates a perfect backdrop for a tense and suspenseful narrative, filled with unexpected twists and a sense of impending danger. This adventure is ideal for Keepers who want to practice creating a gripping, atmospheric horror story. The simplicity of the plot, combined with the isolated location, allows for a focused gaming experience. The fact that “The Lightless Beacon” is freely available makes it an accessible choice for those just starting, offering a taste of the game’s potential without any initial investment. It’s a great way for Keepers to dive into the world of Call of Cthulhu”.

Dead Light

This scenario stands out among Call of Cthulhu adventures for beginner Keepers, particularly for its handling of a sensitive and thought-provoking theme. While the narrative is engaging with its tense and suspenseful plot set amidst a dangerous storm, Keepers should be aware of its controversial subject matter. This aspect of the adventure offers a unique opportunity for Keepers to navigate complex storytelling with depth and care. Keepers need to approach this scenario with consideration for player comfort and boundaries. Despite its challenging theme, “Dead Light” remains a concise and impactful scenario, perfect for honing skills in atmosphere creation and tension management. The adventure is an excellent tool for Keepers to learn how to balance impactful storytelling with player sensitivity, making it a memorable introduction to the nuanced world of Call of Cthulhu.

The Haunting

“The Haunting” is a classic adventure for new Keepers in Call of Cthulhu, notable for being freely available. It guides players through a gripping haunted house narrative, rich in history and suspense. The adventure excels in introducing investigative and horror elements, though Keepers should be mindful of a potential choke point during the investigation phase. Players might struggle to piece together clues leading to the most important place of the adventure. This requires careful management from the Keeper, who may need to provide subtle guidance to keep the investigation on track without diminishing the challenge. This scenario offers an excellent opportunity for Keepers to learn how to balance information delivery and maintain player engagement.

Your First Steps into Horror

These selected Call of Cthulhu scenarios are perfect for new Keepers embarking on their horror storytelling journey. They strike a fine balance, offering a rich taste of the game’s atmospheric and narrative depth, yet remain approachable and manageable. As you guide your players through these isolated, well-constructed adventures, you’ll gain valuable experience in pacing and mood-setting. These scenarios are more than just introductions; they’re gateways to the broader, intricate world of Call of Cthulhu.